A Wife’s Influence

April 7, 2011 — 5 Comments

A Mayor and his wife were driving in their Mercedes 600 and were going to a special dinner. They needed fuel for their car so they pulled up to a gas station. An attendant came up to them and started pumping their gas. Suddenly the Mayor recognized the attendant and said to his wife. “Oh, I know that man, he used to go to high school with me. Look at him now, he is just a lowly gas station attendant.” Then he smiled and said to his wife “honey, aren’t you glad that you married me and not that man?” “Well,” said his wife, “it wouldn’t have mattered – if I had married him, then he would have been the Mayor and probably you would have ended up being the gas attendant.”


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  • Jaeson Cardiff

    I’ll score a few points with this, thanks.

  • Anissa

    How true it is!

  • Gary Banta

    This was originally attributed to Bill & Hillary Clinton!

  • Deborah

    Making it all the more amusing…

  • Dhiresh