I am the Founder of Good Shepherd Ministries, International, which created the International School of Ministry or ISOM as it is known. The ISOM is the world’s largest video Bible School, operating in over 15,000 locations, in 142 nations and is translated into more than 65 languages. We also produce YouthBytes, a church based video curriculum for teens and a Business Training School (BTS) to help train young entrepreneurs using DVD instruction. I am passionate about the discipleship and mentoring of teens, adults and children.

I am especially active on Twitter and can be found at @ceoisomorg. I also have a site containing many of my personal messages delivered in churches and in large and small speaking gatherings. Those life-changing messages can be downloaded at my Shepherd’s Life site.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on mentoring, discipleship and leadership development but it uses powerful stories and illustrations to make every blog memorable. I am also right now working on a new book called “Mentoring to Maturity.” My first book, “Unlocking the Abraham Promise” is in its fifth printing.

My goal with this blog is to provide insightful, relevant content that will help my readers develop themselves and the folks their lives currently are influencing. I believe mentoring should be intentional but it should always remain organic. Whether people are mentoring their children, their staff or members of their church, the principles I share should help in the process.

I especially want this blog to share speaking and writing illustrations with my readers. I have spent 25 years building a library of stories, object lessons and powerful modern day parables. These are fun and engaging to read. I hope many will be able to use them in all kinds of speaking situations. I also reserve the right on this blog to share my personal perspectives on situations in the nation, the world and in the Church. I believe our lives should have the ability to speak out on all topics, even the most controversial ones.

As a gift for subscribing to my newsletter (I won’t spam you), please help yourself to free downloads of our Snowboarding YouthBytes episode. This exciting fun video filmed in 2010 uses different length snowboarding clips as a vehicle to teach principles of mentoring. Chad Daniel is our host of YouthBytes and you will find him hilarious and engaging. You will also see how on YouthBytes we use modern day parables to reach and teach teens. Go to http://bit.ly/hJhXkH for your free downloads today. I’m only joking about having to sign up to my newsletter, please only sign up if you want to be alerted to new posts so you can read more. The downloads are free whether you sign up or not. Thanks for taking time to read this.