Overcoming Grief 

Overcoming Grief – Click ‘View’ to see a short section of this 2-part DVD

Cheryl was a former Miss America queen and had a fairy tale story of one amazing accomplishment after another. She married and had 3 children, two sons and a daughter named Gabrielle. When Gabrielle was 5 years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This began a nightmare season for Cheryl and her family. After 9 terrible months, Gabrielle died leaving Cheryl devastated.

The trials were not over as the doctors soon after diagnosed Cheryl with terminal cancer. At this point, her hope had been shattered and she was close to giving up. She was ready to simply let the disease run its course, die and go to be with her daughter. When the cancer was at a critical stage, the doctors decided to do a risky operation to try and save her life. They were concerned that she might not even make it through the operation. As they were taking her on the gurney into the operating room, suddenly Cheryl found herself taken out of her body and caught up into the heaven lies. There she had a face to face encounter with Jesus Christ.

This DVD is riveting. The story Cheryl recounts is absolutely incredible. She asks God many questions that others wished they had the opportunity to ask. The answers God gives her about the loss of her daughter are profound. In the end, God tells her she is not going to die and suddenly she is back in her body in the operating room. God healed her of the cancer and her story has now touched millions.

Overcoming Grief has to be in the top 5 of any recording I personally have been involved with. If anyone has lost a loved one, this video is a must. There is enormous hope and life in what Cheryl shares, especially now that Cheryl is being used all over the world to help those who have lost love ones. The recording was done bilingually and edited so that there is an English only version. The gentle wipe that removes the translation is quickly adjusted to because of the riveting content. This two session DVD series is also available in Spanish and many other languages.  Those dealing with the loss of loved one often watch these sessions many many times. Get a copy today, be touched yourself and share it with others.

Unlocking the Abraham Promise 

Unlocking the Abraham Promise

There is a promise from God in the Bible that is available to all Christians, male and female, of all races and economic backgrounds. The promise will bring about massive fruitfulness and blessings in the lives of those who receive it. It guarantees triumphant living over all one’s enemies and opens up nation-reaching and nation-blessing potential. It is backed by the highest oath in the universe and it is waiting to be unlocked.

Unlocking the Abraham Promise is the bedrock of the ministry work Berin and Lisa Gilfillan do into 142 nations. It is a very easy read, full of great stories and illustrations. It breaks the promise made to Abraham down into practical understandings that believers today can grasp and implement. This particular promise was given to Abraham right after he offered his son Isaac on the altar. A careful read of the Bible shows that promise was really given to Christian believers worldwide for all time. Get a copy today so that you can unlock this promise in your life.

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