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Monetizing Meow?

April 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

I told my daughter Christina (25) today that I am starting to add postings about cats and pets to my blog. She is about to graduate from a prestigious East Coast top-100 law school and is single-handedly responsible for making cats, and every other kind of pet, a dominant part of my life. I told her writing about cats was the one topic I would hardly have to think about because cat content literally flies at me from her every day. She repeatedly tells me she has NO intention of joining a law firm after graduation. According to her, all of her 8 years of post secondary training are leading her to help the San Diego Zoo implement procedures to reduce issues of liability. Translation, she wants a job with them that allows her to pet all their animals without having to clean up the poop.

The other alternative that frequently gets floated to help pay back vast amounts of student loans is that we find Grumpy Cat number 2, an ugly feline specimen that so captivates the minds of the public that major retailers are willing to name products such as Starbuck’s new Grumpachinos after it and pay royalties for the use of its unhappy image. Inevitably Grumpy cat became the vehicle through which Christina began to express her feelings concerning the Superbowl and the winter from hell the East Coast recently experienced. All I know is that Christina was literally begging me for some “Global Warming.”
Superbowl both loseSnow Grumpy
Now Christina took steps in the direction of finding a monetizable cat early in her law degree. She secured an adorable kitten from a friend and named it Chairman Meow. She was very proud of the name until she wanted to visit home for a week and took Chairman to a local cat kennel. She was quite disgruntled to discover that her cat was the 10th “Chairman Meow” they had housed. Of course it wasn’t long before Chairman had made her way from the East Coast to our home in California and joined the long list of pets deposited with her parents for “safe keeping.” Here is Chairman Meow, no longer a kitten but definitely a daily part of my life. As far as the monetizing part, it’s not going too well. She arrived with a very large appetite (subject of a future blog) and is presently costing me a fortune. The one side benefit has been that our other previously porky cat has gotten thinner because Chairman eats both her food and most of the other cat’s food also.
Chairman Meow2
Well probably two times a day I get a text from Christina with a photo of some adorable pet followed by the inevitable question “can we have one?” Here is one recent photo of her with alpacas:
Well as you can tell, we are just getting warmed up. More cat and pet postings will soon follow. This is one blog topic that promises to never run out of content. I’m not quite sure what the redeeming message is but maybe it’s that you don’t always get what you originally planned but hopefully you get a lot of laughs and humor along the way.